Wadaiko SAI welcomes performance requests at any occasions and places in Japan.

We promise our audiences to experience astonishing moments

by the Japanese traditional drum performance.

Moreover, we can make a time for the spectators to try the drum

during our performance time.

Some members are English speakers so feel free to contact us.

Wadaiko SAI also welcomes performances in overseas.

The low bass sound of Wadaiko will give a astonishing experience to the audience.

Music festivals, company’s ceremony, parties, cultural exchange expo:

Wadaiko SAI will offer you a best performance at any places.

Performance with other Japanese traditional instruments and other local artists are also available.

English speaking members will be in charge of the arrangement.

Offers for Wadaiko experiential session is more than welcome.

Let's play the drum with us and feel the sound and vibration of Wadaiko!

It will be a memorable experience of Japanese culture!

For foreign wadaiko groups, we can send our professional lecturer for Wadaiko lessons.

We have English speaking menbers so feel free to contact us.